Domaine Quenard

Domaine André & Michel Quenard is a family winery located at the western border of the Alps in Savoie – Mont Blanc. Despite the domaine’s proximity to the Alps, the vineyards enjoy a surprisingly warm microclimate with southern sun exposure. Olive trees and fig trees can for example be found among their vines, which is very unusual for such a snowy region.

Respectful of the environment, Domaine Quenard is totally focused to excellent viticulture. Their production is sold entirely and mostly to gourmet restaurants and to loyal private customers. And, since May 2021 their marvelous crémants made 100% of Jacquère, a refreshing white grape only present in Savoy region, are exclusively distrubted by “Mon Crémant”.

We are proud to partner with this Domaine who was one of the key stakeholders supporting the creation of the “Crémant de Savoie” appellation!

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