Cave de Kientzheim Kaysersberg

Founded in 1955, the Kintzheim Kaysersberg winery gathers 120 winegrowers who work on 160 hectares vineyards, mainly located on slopes between the two beautiful central Alsatian villages of Kintzheim and Kaysersberg.

With 3 « Lieux-Dits » and 4 well-known « Grand Crus » (among which the Schlossberg, the first Grand Cru to be approved in Alsace in 1975) this winery makes authentic and distinctive wines, for the pleasure of Epicureans.

Their Crémants Anne de Laweiss will offer you a glimpse of Alsace, a universe of bubbles between the Blanc de Blancs, the Rosé and the Exception, the winery’s gem, upper-class Crémant…

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